Christmas Wreath


I love red and gold during christmas. I decided to focus my decorating using them as my main colors. I wanted to make a wreath for indoors similar to the one I made this fall. You can find the directions here.

For this wreath I used:image

  • Red burlap ribbon
  • various berries
  • center flower
  • hot glue gun

Paper Ornaments

imageI saw a photo on Pinterest which inspired these ornaments. They’re pretty simple but messy to make.

imageWhat you need:

  • Ornaments (from the dollar store)
  • Book (I got mine from Goodwill because I liked the paper)
  • Glitter

I made the paper mache out of flour and water till it had the consistency of pancake batter. I ripped up the paper into strips and glued them onto the ornaments, while they were still wet apply glitter and let dry. It’s that easy!


DIY Halloween Decor


First things first, you need to go scouting for some decorations to “upgrade.” I got some great finds from Goodwill and the Dollar Store. Then I picked up the paint I wanted to use, purple and gold glitter spray paint and black plasti dip.

Bloody CandlesIMG_4892

This is probably the easiest DIY decoration ever! All you need is plain white pillar candles and a red candle (I found the slender candlestick kind works well). Take a lighter to the red candle and drip the red wax onto the white candle. It’s as simple as that.

IMG_4885 copy

Upgraded Pumpkin


Take your Dollar Store and Goodwill finds spray pain them with a black plasti dip. After that I spray painted them with purple sparkles and then lightly with gold. It’s as simple as that!


DIY Fall Wreath


I was feeling a little crafty last weekend and I decided to make a fall wreath for my door. Here are the steps for the wreath I made or here’s the tutorial I based my wreath off of!


–          burlap ribbon by the roll
–          (1) 14” straw wreath (don’t remove plastic wrapping)
–          hot glue gun + hot glue sticks
–          fall foliage of choice
–          pearl pins
–          scissors

Step 1: Leave the straw wreath in its plastic wrapping. Pin and glue down the end of the burlap. Then begin wrapping the burlap around the wreath. I used the whole roll around my wreath.

Step 2: Layout the design of your wreath. If your foliage is in a large bunch, pull off just the pieces that you plan to use. Then, once you’ve decided on your layout, start gluing and/or pinning it all down.

Step 3: Once everything has been properly secured, decide how you would like to hang your wreath. I decided to braid some ribbon and hang it.

Craft Project: Dreamcatcher


The first project I created this year is a dreamcatcher. Here’s how you can create your own!

-Metal ring (the size is up to you. I used one that measured 10 inches)


-Glue, this is to help seal the knots so it doesn’t come undone and beads. I used a hot glue gun but another good idea is superglue. Whichever glue you use, you want it to dry fast and be clear.

-String (This is for the webbing on the inside of the ring and the bottom hanging part; you can choose any color you like)



-Suede Lacing (Enough to tightly wrap around the metal ring)

-If you want extra things hanging on the bottom, good ideas are: lace, shells, string, beads, etc.


1) First, get all of your materials ready. Then, begin wrapping the ring with the suede lacing.


Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 4.16.00 PM2) Wrap the string around the ring as shown. The best way I can describe it is: “under-over-under-over”. You definitely do not want it as loose as the diagram, that is just to help show you how. You want to have the string a little tighter/closer to the edge of the ring.

3) Continue to wrap the string the same exact way. You are going to do this the entire time until you get to the center.IMG_9819

4) Using a piece of suede lacing, create a ‘hanger’ on the top of the dream catcher. This will go over the same place where you glued the ends of the suede lacing that you used for the metal ring.

5) Now add the hangings for the bottom of the dream catcher!