About Us


Hello All. My name is Marisa Bee and I’m a recent graduate from UW Oshkosh with a major in Journalism. I work as a Social Media Account Manager in Appleton, Wisconsin. By the age of 25 I have visited 13 different countries and 18 states including Alaska and Hawaii. This blog will be about my life and learning “how to adult.” I’m ready for whatever adventures life throws my way. As my boss always says, be inspired but be original.


Aly cat is five years old. She enjoys cuddling on my lap and attacking my feet while I sleep. But her true love is the kill of a good sock.


Chloe is my 1 year old lab pup. She’s the best girl to go hiking and is always ready for an adventure. She’s just like me, a little quirky and motivated by food.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Great cover photo! I had my honeymoon in Cabo! Probably took the same boat tour as you did. What a great place. I found you when searching for other area bloggers, looking forward to following your adventures!

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