DIY Halloween Decor


First things first, you need to go scouting for some decorations to “upgrade.” I got some great finds from Goodwill and the Dollar Store. Then I picked up the paint I wanted to use, purple and gold glitter spray paint and black plasti dip.

Bloody CandlesIMG_4892

This is probably the easiest DIY decoration ever! All you need is plain white pillar candles and a red candle (I found the slender candlestick kind works well). Take a lighter to the red candle and drip the red wax onto the white candle. It’s as simple as that.

IMG_4885 copy

Upgraded Pumpkin


Take your Dollar Store and Goodwill finds spray pain them with a black plasti dip. After that I spray painted them with purple sparkles and then lightly with gold. It’s as simple as that!



Oahu Restaurants

Hawaii has some amazing food, especially if you like fish! Here are some of the best restaurants we ate at when we were in Oahu.



RumFire was the first place we ate at on our trip. It had a great atmosphere and was a good place to relax by the beach after a long day of travel. Their Mahi tacos were to die for, the best ones we had on the whole trip! The also had a wonderful guitar player. Service was fair but not the best. I would still recommend eating here.

Hula Grill


Matt and I ate here for lunch one day. This was probably one of my favorite restaurants of the whole trip. We had portable fries with strata aioli, macadamia nut shrimp, and ahi poke tacos. All of it was heavenly. It’s right on the beach upstairs from Dukes. While we were their they had traditional Hawaiian music playing, not to mention some of the best Mai Tais.




Dukes definitely was the place to be for dinner. It was pretty packed. Make sure to know where to sit, if you want to be down on the beach you’ll need a reservation, but if you’re ok with just being up a level by the bar its a free for all. No hostess or seating order, if you see an open table or see a group that looks almost done with their meal, take it. The food was good and the crowd was definitely lively and fun.

Kahuku Shrimp


Kahuku Shrimp is a small shrimp stand on the way to turtle bay. It’s only open on the weekends. We tried hot & spicy and butter garlic shrimp. It’s $13 a plate, the shrimp has great flavor. It was a fun experience but very messy hands.