Country USA 2015

So this week is Country USA in Oshkosh, WI! Every year they bring in amazing acts from Tuesday to Saturday. This year they had headliners like Miranda Lambert and Tim McGraw. But the bands I’m going to talk about aren’t quite as big as those country celebrities. The time I enjoyed the most was at the much smaller stages in the beer tents.

The first night we got an incredible performance from a band called Saving Savannah. They’re a local Wisconsin band that plays amazing covers. For the second half of their set my friend Ashley and I were lucky enough to get right up front. They played new hits and country classics.

The second night I went, we watched a band called The Cal Stage Band. Not only were these guys amazing musicians, they really knew how to perform as well. They describe themselves as “high-energy country and rock” and that description couldn’t be more true! We had a great time and once again managed to weasel our way to the front. These guys were truly rockstars.



Budapest Walking Tour


We took a wonderful walking tour around Budapest on my last trip. Our guide was wonderful! We should’ve done this earlier during our stay because they really gave you a great overview of the city and it’s history. Some of the stops they took us to were Heroes Park and Millennium Column, the largest bath house, the Science building and St. Stevens church (the highest building on the pest side).

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They took us to a wonderful little restaurant called Első Pesti Rétesház Kávéház és Étterem to eat fresh strudel! You could watch them make it. There were all types of flavors, I tried Poppyseed-Apple and Rasberry-Curd. It is an experience you must have in hungary!


Our final stop was Fisherman’s Bastion where you can overlook the city. There’s also the Matyas Church with the beautifully designed roof. This is where they end the tour. It seemed a little odd that they did not bring you back the original start point within the city, but there are many buses to take you back down the hill.


Be forewarned that “no one” sells tickets for the bus. You can go to all the stores and no one will sell them. You may purchase them on the bus, but some bus drivers will tell you that they don’t sell tickets either. We just asked every bus that came and we found one that would let us purchase tickets there. The buses will also be incredibly crowded. Other than that, it was a wonderful tour that gave a great overview and history of the city!

Big Changes


So the end of May and the beginning of June has been very busy and full of changes!

May 21st I celebrated my 24th birthday. I spent the weekend before with my family and friends in Madison. We did Aly’s Honky Tonk Hustle and went out to eat. On my birthday my wonderful boyfriend took me out to eat at the Melting Pot.


The last weekend in May was packed full of Moving to a new place and my dance recital. It was one of the most exhausting weekends of my life. We are so thankful we rented a UHaul because we had a ton of stuff! How could two people have so much??

11221548_10204028117695458_5498443104476455429_nTo pamper myself from the long weekend, I decided to get my hair dyed and cut! It was a big change and that was one of my resolutions, to change my hair drastically. A special thank you to Trillium Salon for doing such a fabulous job on my hair!