Big Little Lies


I just finished reading a book called Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. At first I found it hard to get into, but it was charming and funny. It becomes a little more dramatic and the BAM! A big twist hits you. It was a great book and I highly suggest you read it! Checkout other books I’ve read/ recommended on my Goodreads account.


Gondola Ride in Venice


My parents and I enjoyed a gondola ride in Venice. We paid top notch for this experience. It came with a serenade as well, which was nice. Although the experience was a good one, it was nothing special. We didn’t have the gondola to our selves, we shared it with another group. The serenade was ok but didn’t make or break our experience. Our gondolier also acted like he wanted to be anywhere else, constantly texting on his phone, etc. If we had to do it again we would just choose one of the other many gondola services around. You can go at a time of your choosing and it would be private for your family ( around 80 euros).

Dubarry Restaurant in Budapest

Out of all the places we ate in Europe, Dubarry Restaurant was one of our favorites! It’s right on the water next to Szecheny bridge on the Pest side with an amazing view and the street musicians add to the nice, relaxed atmosphere. The service was amazing, they were helpful and went above and beyond. When unsure about a dish they gave my mother a sample and let her try it before she ordered it!

While my dad got his usual steak and french fries, mom and I went with something more adventurous, stuffed cabbage and duck breast. Mom said her dish (the stuffed cabbage) was good but very filling. I tried some of it, and while I hate the taste of sauerkraut, I found the dish pretty good. It had more seasoning and wasn’t quite as sour. My duck was cooked in red wine and had a strawberry and blackberry sauce to go with it. It was AMAZING! To finish it all off, we had cheese cake. It was a wonderful meal in Budapest!

Packing for Europe in Spring

In April I am headed to Europe for 10 days. We will be visiting Venice, Italy; Vienna, Austria; and Budapest, Hungary. Here is what I’m bringing and how I’m managing to only take carry ons, which is pretty impressive for an over-packer like myself!


2 Camis / undershirts – a white one and a black one

2 T-shirts

2 Baseball tees

1 Peplum top – incase I’m feeling fancy

2 Long sleeve shirts

3 Sweaters – in various sleeve lengths and thickness

Outer WearIMG_9887

1 Trench coat

1 Light vest

2 Sweatshirts


1 pair of capris

2 pairs of jeans

1 pair of lounge pants – perfect for sleep/travel days


2 scarfs

3 pairs of shoes – all good walking shoes!

3 bags – Backpack, suitcase and purse

After Trip Review – I still overpacked slightly! So things to change:

Only need 1 pair of Jeans

Only needed 1 sweater that matched everything

Could’ve only taken 1-2 pairs of shoes instead of three!