July in a Nutshell

So it has come to my attention (thank you Becky) that I have been slacking on my blog. So here’s what I’ve not updated you on for the month of July.

For the 4th of July I went camping with my parents and our family friends. It’s been a long time since I’ve been camping and it was a success. It included all the necessities, a fire pit, a pudgie pie, delicious beer, and catching up with friends. Not to mention there was a small music “fest” going on and I got to meet Eric Paslay (country artist for those of you who don’t listen to country).


The weekend after that I spent my Saturday volunteering for Habitat for humanity! It felt good to spend my day doing something for others. Saturday night and Sunday my friend Drew and I went on a boat ride with some of her co-workers. My incredibly fair complexion made it a recipe for me to get fried and extra crispy… which I did. But still a wonderful time on a boat.


I also made it back to Madison to watch my younger cousin’s softball tournament. She did amazing! So proud to watch her and learn some very funny cheers! “I’ve got a runner on 3, and she’s really gotta pee, so bring her home, bring her home.”

Matt has been gone a lot on the weekends lately so busy with work. So we went on a date to the Melting Pot (one of our favorites!) Not to mention we had the money since Matt won $1,000 at a golf outing. Although he didn’t remember it till the next day πŸ˜‰


So the beginning of July has been a great success.