Moose Inn Brewers Trip

IMG_1058Matt’s work did a Brewers Bus trip and it was a ton of fun! We woke up early to drive to the Moose Inn so Matt could do prep work and make sure all the food was in order for the trip. The bus arrived around 8:15 and we made two more stops to pick everyone up. For the food, we had delicious pork tacos and some amazing pasta salad! We went into the game and watched a couple of innings. Most of the time we just wandered around. It was a fun trip and hopefully a sign of the types of adventures to come for the rest of the summer.


No One Likes You When You’re 23


Yesterday was my 23rd birthday, Yay! It was a wonderful day even though I spent most of it at work. I received great gifts from my parents and my boyfriend. As an extra bonus I got my new bedding in the mail and two parts of my couch were delivered. This helped make the apartment seem less empty. As an extra surprise Matt brought over his big TV so we don’t have to watch stuff on my laptop anymore. photo2At work my mom surprised my co-workers and I with lunch catered by Victoria’s. It was amazing! For my evening celebration I went to The Bar and got my birthday beer, mug and button. Then Matt and I went home and played Wii till 10:30. A quiet evening, but a great 23rd birthday!